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Synergy Farm Heath Veterinary Services

At Bartletts Country Stores Bridport, Bere Regis and Bridgwater Store

Synergy have set up a completely separate division to supply medicines. This is an entirely different supply base traditionally supplied by Agricultural Merchants and we are well aware we have to be competitive. However, this is a very important part of the farm health plan and ideally should be integrated. We have three qualified advisors who are able to discuss the issues faced and advise accordingly. Our approach is to establish the facts, ideally have a sample to be analysed by our laboratory to provide the most effective solution. The whole process is supported by our Vets.

The sales team are based in Bartletts Country Stores at the locations below however enquiries can be dealt with efficiently over the phone and the medicines will be available in one of our pick up points of your choice indicated below.

Attended Sales Counters

Collection Points